Supermarket Christmas Brand Ad

I played a big part in the building of this festive Cinema 4D retail spot whilst working at Ogilvy: a ton of modelling, texturing, and animation.

Particularly interesting challenges for me were the "self-unwrapping" Christmas paper in the Pavlova scene, which I tackled using cloth with a couple of animated belts attached to create the twist at the top. The low-poly disc the paper is made from initially looked too angular, so I used the new procedural bevel deformer in Cinema 4D set to a tiny bevel which just takes the edges off subtly, and lends it a hair more realism.

 After baking the animation, I stretched the keyframes in the timeline then squashed them back again which quantizes them, enabling us to get the stop-motion look of the foil unwrapping.  

Another fun challenge was "Tinsel Dog." Man you wouldn't believe how many iterations I went through to strike the golden balance of Tinsel/Shagginess/Legibility.


Some stills: