Compound Interest

I've found from time to time when casting about for inspiration, that one of the best starting points is the mundane. Look at something which is apparently really dull or perhaps done so often that it's overlooked, and see if you can explain it.

Like "How To Tie Your Shoelaces" or something. Animating such things always throws up a surprisingly large number of technical problems. Maybe the duller the subject, the more interesting the project can become.


Could you explain the compound interest formula visually? It's trickier than you might think.

Shown above is a quick style frame for an animation I came up with. I wanted a character on a bank note to come to life, for us to enter the cross-hatched world of money, to see calculations brought to life as animated paper machines, to explain the concept as much to myself as anyone else. 

Below is a very rough and ready animatic for the first half of the animation.


Here is the AV script for the project. This is such a useful tool as it allows you to speedily rough out visuals, VO and sound effects simultaneously.