Learning Processing Day 0001

I've started learning Processing.

I think I'll post a daily log of where I'm at in my studies with my new favourite teacher, Daniel Shiffman, who wrote what I suspect may be the finest introduction to programming, in any language, ever. Eventually, I hope to be able to delve into the heady depths and heights of his second book, and follow, at a snail's pace perhaps, in the mighty footsteps of Colin Evoy Sebestyen in his fascinating implementation of Shiffman's attempts to simulate natural systems computationally, using my favourite tools, C4D and AE.


Here's what I want to draw today:


It's now 10.50 am here; let's see how slowly I can build this in Processing...


(Drumroll continues...)

(Drumroll continues...)

(and continues...)

It's now 11.45 am (on the same day, I'd like to point out)


And here is the source code:


size(500, 500);
background(250, 200, 50);
fill(60, 50, 75);
arc(140, 325, 60, 100, 0, PI, OPEN);
arc(390, 325, 60, 100, 0, PI, OPEN);
fill(77, 245, 232);
ellipse(140, 325, 20, 40);
ellipse(390, 325, 20, 40);
//car body rectangle
stroke(100, 112, 150);
fill(134, 155, 210);
rect(250, 288, 400, 80);
//car body bubble
arc(250, 250, 300, 200, PI, TWO_PI, OPEN);
fill(247, 212, 243);
quad(130, 200, 250, 165, 250, 250, 120, 250);
quad(260, 165, 350, 185, 450-90+30, 250, 260, 250);

I know, awesome right?

What is good about taking an hour to program something that would've taken me 30 seconds to do in Ai?
 A little bit of insight in to what's going on under the hood of Ai maybe?
A bonkersly disproportionate amount of excitement also, perhaps?
An astonished, humble respect for the work of others in computer graphics? Uhh, just a little.
Best of all, as you can see from my masterpiece above, it won't be long before I'm performing feats like this.
I love this.